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Andrew Buerger

Carrying a Flag From Pain to Passion

After his closest family members were struck with devastating diseases,  Andy suddenly discovered his purpose in life: to take a bite out of disease. 


Andy then turned his pain into passion. He started a non-profit, Jodi's Climb for Hope, to raise money for disease research by climbing mountains around the world. 

With engaging mountaineering, business, and personal stories, Andy portrays the guiding principles that help others navigate the peaks and valleys of their lives.

The motivational keynote speeches:

1. Teach people/teams to how conquer obstacles

2. Demonstrate that when a "why" is big enough they can overcome any "how."

3. Inspire you find passion from pain.



Andrew Buerger is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and TEDx Speaker 


One venture, B’more Organic, was the #5 on Inc’s Fastest Growing natural/organic brands in 2017. He is the Founder of Jodi’s Climb for Hope which has raised $1 million for MS and breast cancer research by getting over 400 climbers safely to the summits on four continents.


He is currently the Director of Mission or RIND Snacks, author of “Carrying a Flag From Pain to Passion”a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon, and Co-host of the podcast "It's the Climb."

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Andrew's Talk



Carrying a Flag From Pain to Passion

"If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special.”  Jim Valvano


With Andy, you get all three in one hour. His hilarious, vivid mountain climbing stories along with touching tales of overcoming life’s challenges, has his audiences laughing, crying, and thinking.  

Andy’s talk inspires people, entrepreneurs, and teams to:

  • Doggedly pursue their company/personal purpose

  • Learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable — doing the hard thing without quitting 

  • Build resilience 

  • Be more successful in all sphere’s in their life


Perfect for:

  • Corporate retreats

  • Team building meetings

  • Strategic offsites

  • Organizational development seminars

  • Entrepreneurship events

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“Andrew Buerger is one of the most engaging speakers I have ever seen.

From the moment he walks on stage, he connects powerfully with his audience. Not only do you learn about mountain climbing from someone who has climbed some of the highest peaks in the world, but his message of turning pain into passion through anecdotes about mountain climbing, his career as an entrepreneur and his charity work will resonate with you and your audience. He is funny, fascinating and unforgettable. He made me and our organization look good, with people coming up right after he spoke to tell me how valuable his words were to them. You can’t go wrong with Andy.”
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“I've been teaching leadership for 35 years. I know the single most important trait people use to describe leaders forward-looking.

Andy's a normal guy, dealing with the struggles of a family business and the tragedy of his sister, who casts a vision for combining adventure with curing cancer and MS.

His willingness to exposes himself to new and uncomfortable situations motivates others to embrace the vision.”
Bob Graham
Catholic Business Network of Baltimore
Chris Warner
Leadership Educator, and Entrepreneur
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“Andy is an inspiring and transformational leader. All the volunteers that work with Jodi's Climb for Hope are driven by the vision that Andy casts.”
Ricky Haro
Founder Rare Earth Adventures and former U.S. Air Force SERE Specialist
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"Andy Buerger offers an excellent program to inspire all types of leadership teams from corporations to non-profits. The themes he teaches have helped create a rally cry for our executive team as we have built our future strategy. Whether you are focused on climbing together, finding leaders to carry the flag, or knowing when to quit, the lessons Andy has learned through a life of challenges and triumphs can provide a great perspective"


Tom DeBolt
General Manager, Benelli USA

With engaging mountaineering, business, and personal stories, Carrying a Flag From Pain to Passion portrays the guiding principles that have helped him navigate the peaks and valleys of his life.

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