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Do You Dream About Sleeping better?

In my Keynote speeches, I talk about the importance of finding a guide. That is finding a coach or mentor to help you guide you through life. I have more of a board of directors that help me in a variety of aspects of my life.

I am also obsessed with health and fitness. So my good friend Ben Supik of Activate Body serves as my guide to optimizing my wellness. Even though I feel like I know an awful lot about the subject, I like to have my answers questioned.

Jonas Cain & I feel that we should have been on as a frequent guest of our podcast. It is hard to achieve your big hairy audacious life goals and climb your literal and figurative mountains if you’re not at your peak wellness. If you're exhausted, sick, or morbidly obese, you can't climb literal or figurative mountains.

Additionally, my mission in life is to "take a bit out of disease so that other families can live more fulling lives. Bringing content around health & wellness will get me closer to my life's purpose by providing research backed, actionable advice to improve your wellness. So we begin having Ben as guest with this episode. And we started with the most important foundation of wellness: sleep.

Please enjoy this episode. And we would love, love your comments and questions for Ben for future episodes that he would be glad to answer for us. Please comment or send us direct messages for health and wellness questions.

Click on this link to hear "It's the Climb."

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