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Embracing the Cold Plunge: A Lesson in Resilience, Health, and Discomfort

I had been eagerly anticipating the experience of a real cold plunge for quite some time. No more home-rigged bathtubs or kiddie pools - this time, I was going for the real deal.

As someone who often speaks about the importance of getting comfortable with discomfort, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to practice what I preach. Cold plunges are renowned for their numerous health benefits, and I was ready to dive in, both literally and figuratively.

The water was a bone-chilling 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The person assisting me expected that I would last anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds. However, I had set a lofty goal for myself: 10 minutes. Despite his doubts, I was determined to push myself further than anyone expected.

The experience was nothing short of brutal. The cold was intense, causing pain and numbness throughout my body. Every instinct screamed at me to get out, to give up. But I held on, pushing past the discomfort.

In the end, I lasted 12 minutes. Those extra 2 minutes were not just a personal victory; they were a tribute to the resilience of those who have faced even harsher conditions. I thought of the eight construction workers who were filling potholes on the Francis Scott Key Bridge when the Dali cargo ship crashed into it last week. After the bridge collapsed, two were rescued from the river, but divers recovered the bodies of two others, and the remaining four are presumed dead. The water temperature was a miserable 48 degrees. They didn't have the luxury of tapping out, of choosing to end their discomfort.

This experience was a powerful reminder of the strength that lies within us when we push past our limits. It taught me that discomfort is temporary, but the lessons we learn from pushing past it can last a lifetime. It's in these moments of discomfort that we truly grow and discover our inner strength. It also taught me that even in our most challenging times, there are those who deal with far worse. #baltimorestrong

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