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"Good Things Come When Your Heart's Open to Joy"

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

At the age of 43, Lori Schneider was diagnosed with MS: multiple sclerosis. When the initial shock wore off, she decided to lean into her love for adventure and set out to climb the highest peak on every continent—going on to beat the odds and become the first person in the world with MS to conquer the Seven Summits. That, of course, includes Mt Everest the world's tallest mountain.

Today, through her company Empowerment Through Adventure, Lori is on a mission to help others take their own leap of faith—scaling life’s everyday mountains to climb beyond their preconceived limitations and live their dreams.

Jonas Cain and I joined Lori Schneider via Skype from her home in Wisconsin. Lori is a mountaineer, author, educator, international speaker, and advocate. Be inspired by Lori's story and her joy for life on our episode of "It's the Climb."

To learn more about Lori or to contact her, visit her website.

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