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Wait, what?! I started a podcast!

The final straw was getting Jonas's holiday card.

I had been kicking around the idea for a few months when my climbing buddy Jonas Cain's letter arrived. It all came together. Jonas wrote about how he had many challenges during 2021 (like so many of us during COVID-19). He then went on to talk about how great everything turned out. Jonas, who runs the business #HashtagPositivity, always manages to come through smiling on the other side, and explain why in such a poetic way.

The podcast, called "It's the Climb," helps you make your everyday climb. We want to educate people how to overcome their figurative mountains. What better way than talking to people who've climbed literal ones. Our guests will be people who've climbed Everest and K2. We'll talk to people the first person with MS to climb the Seven Summit, and we'll sit down with the first American to trek solo to the South Pole. The podcast will go beyond just adventurers to include people who persevered despite overwhelming odds, all to teach you how you can climb your every down mountains.

Please check out our first episode here. It explains in great detail who are and why we doing this. (We won't be upset if you leave us a 5 star rating!)


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