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Don't Step Over a Dying Person to Reach Your Goal

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

In this podcast episode Jonas Cain and I sat down with Chris Warner. Chris is one of America’s most accomplished mountaineers, leadership educators, and entrepreneurs.

He is the ninth United States citizen to summit both Everest and K2 (and for those of you who don’t know), Everest may be the tallest mountain in the world, but K2 is perhaps the hardest mountain in the world to climb because of the athleticism and technical skills required to successfully make it to the top of that rugged mountain, and then back down to safety. Chris soloed the 7000ft South Face of Shish, in a 34 hour non-stop ascent and descent. It was the first complete solo of an 8000 meter peak by an American.

He has led more than 200 international mountaineering expeditions, guided the first-ever reality TV show on Everest for ABC, filmed, starred in and produced an Emmy Nominated documentary for NBC about his K2 expedition, and hosted a leadership special on the History Channel.

As an expert at creating and leading high-performance teams, Chris is one of the rare adventurers in the leadership training and development industry with both corporate and academic expertise, allowing him to equally educate and motivate.

Jonas and I learned a lot that we can apply to our business and person lives. Chris talked about the need for appreciation that we often forget as business leaders/managers, as parents, and as spouses. Additionally, Chris reminded me that he didn't wake up one day and climb K2. He put in years of climbing leading up to it. That prepared him mentally and physically for that challenge, and it gave him the ability to know how far he could push himself.

Check out this episode of It’s the Climb to hear the whole story. We know you'll learn something to help you climb your everyday mountain.

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